Actually we do not like to talk about “customers”. We find that too impersonal. We prefer to say “friends”.

Nol & Wilma Visser

“In this kind of process it’s not just about money and delivery times. It’s all about trust, and we really built that bond of trust together. It was a learning process that we want to share with everyone.”

Wil & Wilma Willemsen

What fascinated us in the first place was the price-quality ratio.

Tjibbe & Heike Kerkhof

“Reliable, professional, no nonsense but straight to the point. But above all… honest.”

Harry & Lida van der Wal

During their first visit to Twiga, they were already surprised by the pleasant manner of communication and professional and tidy workshop.

Fleur & Michael van de Burg

“They met the agreed delivery time and stuck to the agreed price.

Daan & Clarine Kloeg

A special family trip to Mongolia with the Kloeg clan.

Jamie Barnsley & Family

A special family on a world tour in their green Land Rover.

Ids & Lineke van der Weij

It’s just a shame that the vehicle is already finished.

Mirjam & Jon Erik Kramer

‘Then we got in touch with Twiga and they started the conversation by asking what WE wanted. And thus began a client-builder relationship that continues to this day.’

Vincent & Annelies De Jong

Guided tour of Willem & Willie, two proud owners who know what they are talking about. But most of all: the ambition exploded.

Ria & Bert van Berkel

Role models for many. Traded in their house for a expedition vehicle. And no more worrying about that big house……

Jan Roos & Claire Dooley

More travellers ahead of their time. Made the switch from their ’tractor’, the Unimog 1300L-47, to a MAN KAT, which they affectionately refer to as their ‘camel’. Jan has a thing about size it seems. As a former pilot of KLM wide-bodied aircraft, he is used to big things. As a computer expert at Air Lingus, Claire is well-versed in keeping their website spick and span.
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