Actually we do not like to talk about “customers”. We find that too impersonal. We prefer to say “friends”.

Vincent & Annelies De Jong

Guided tour of Willem & Willie, two proud owners who know what they are talking about. But most of all: the ambition exploded.

Ids & Lineke van der Weij

It’s just a shame that the vehicle is already finished.

Jamie Barnsley & Family

A special family on a world tour in their green Land Rover.

Daan & Clarine Kloeg

A special family trip to Mongolia with the Kloeg clan.

Ria & Bert van Berkel

Role models for many. Traded in their house for a expedition vehicle. And no more worrying about that big house……

John Davelaar

A career full of exciting adventures. Now the proud owner of a 6×6 Mercedes Benz Sprinter.

Andrew & Martine Hoogendijk

Al in 2013 ontmoeten Martine en Andrew Hoogenboom de mannen van Twiga op het Belgentreffen. “We willen een camper opbouw, niet te groot, onder de 3500 kg, geschikt om te gebruiken op offroad terrein. Niet van die zware lobbessen die je hier zoveel ziet…..”

Jan Roos & Claire Dooley

More travellers ahead of their time. Made the switch from their ‘tractor’, the Unimog 1300L-47, to a MAN KAT, which they affectionately refer to as their ‘camel’. Jan has a thing about size it seems. As a former pilot of KLM wide-bodied aircraft, he is used to big things. As a computer expert at Air Lingus, Claire is well-versed in keeping their website spick and span.

Mirjam & Jon Erik Kramer

‘Then we got in touch with Twiga and they started the conversation by asking what WE wanted. And thus began a client-builder relationship that continues to this day.’

Wil & Wilma Willemsen

What fascinated us in the first place was the price-quality ratio.

Harry & Lida van der Wal

During their first visit to Twiga, they were already surprised by the pleasant manner of communication and professional and tidy workshop.

Tjibbe & Heike Kerkhof

“Reliable, professional, no nonsense but straight to the point. But above all… honest.”

Fleur & Michael van de Burg

“They met the agreed delivery time and stuck to the agreed price.
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