Hanna & Halbe

“Having an expedition vehicle built by Twiga Travelcars is a unique experience”

We spent more than 11 years travelling all around Europe, Morocco and a large part of Asia in a standard camper van. It was 2015 when we first visited Twiga Travelcars. We immediately felt a strong personal connection with the Twiga team. After much consideration, we decided to buy a new Hymer 4×4, which was directly available. However, we couldn’t stop thinking about a tougher expedition vehicle.


In spring 2021, Twiga and the Sommerauer MAN dealership in Westerbroek, Netherlands, concluded their agreements.


We knew what layout we wanted and, based on good interaction, we then added some modifications on the advice of the Twiga team. Through regular visits during the building process, we had gained more insight into the construction (just like Twiga, we took lots of pictures) and were able to request some minor adjustments.

Due to Covid-19, the building process wasn’t without complications. Delivery of the MAN (TGM 18.320 4×4) was delayed as the print boards were out of stock and Twiga had to make a real effort to get suppliers to deliver the essential parts. It all worked out eventually: by the end of December 2021 we were on the road!


Having an expedition vehicle built by Twiga Travelcars is a unique experience. It requires clear and open communication between the buyer and builder, while acknowledging and respecting each other’s position. We would like to express our appreciation for the purchasing and building process, for the quality of the delivered end product, for the service after completion and above all for the friendly and personal exchanges with the whole Twiga Travelcars team.

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