Jamie Barnsley &

A special family on a world tour in their green Land Rover.

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Jamie worked in the Middle East (Dubai) for nine years and dreamed of making a really long journey with his family (wife and two children aged 7 and 10). A trip from Canada to South America was on their wish list. No time limit, just as long as it stays fun.

He talked to another traveller about his vehicle plans and this gentleman had heard about Twiga. After a 20-minute chat, Jamie was convinced that he no longer needed to look around for another expedition vehicle builder: it had to be Twiga!

His green Land Rover Defender 130, named ‘Albus’ (a name familiar to Harry Potter fans), was completely modified and transformed by Twiga for a world tour. The original construction time of barely nine months was easily met. The most intensive thing for Jamie was making design and functionality decisions with the builder. This took at least six months before construction could begin. Beautiful, isn’t it? But that was also the beginning of their travel adventure.

A short journey through Europe, with a trip to Morocco thrown in, proved that Albus was ready. Another short check at Twiga before departure and Albus was on the boat to Halifax, Canada. This was in order to take care of a couple of nagging technical issues – some problems with the engine – which meant that they needed a new one. That put the brakes on the journey south. Because of the delay, the original plan to visit Alaska has also been changed. As everyone knows, travelling always involves making adjustments to your plans. So let’s see whether they finally reach Tierra del Fuego. It certainly won’t be due to lack of preparation or imagination!

Looking back on the construction of his Albus, what strikes you the most? And we quote: “We never sought to compromise in terms of quality.” Whereas other companies might choose the easy route, Twiga always choses the right one: “Think ahead, don’t only start after construction.” They always opted for the best solution, not the most expensive, but the best suited for the purpose. Pier’s travel experiences really helped them to take the step forward. ”

Another aspect that gives the Barnsleys additional confidence is the stand-by app that helps Twiga assist travellers 24/7 with advice and support. If you would like to send a message, visit: m.me/thebarnsleysbigadventure for the best chance of a swift reply.

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