Tjibbe & Heike

“Reliable, professional, no nonsense but straight to the point. But above all… honest.”

Firstly, an explanation about the delicate process of the Twiga Ambassadorship. The first meeting is nothing more than an introduction. If this leads to an assignment, you are a CUSTOMER, nothing more, nothing less. You can only become an ambassador after you have collected the vehicle 😊
There will then be an interview and from that moment onwards you can be asked to share your trip with Twiga with other people. We invite you to join us at trade fairs. To support us with advice and assistance.


In Heike and Tjibbe’s case, it was love at first sight. They saw Willie  and Roos Thijssen’s vehicle (actually Roos’) at Kalkar 2020 and immediately fell in love. No bling bling, short wheelbase,  slanting backside and the interior, sleek, efficient, high-quality  – exactly as they had dreamt it would be. Except for one or two details, it was a dream come true. The deal was done on the spot. Roos shed a few tears, but she also knew that Twiga was ready for a new vehicle.


Tjibbe is a watchmaker; he sells and repairs unique watches. He has explored the Balkans, Greece,  Iceland  and the North Cape, but also a large part of the Sahara, with his Defender 110 with folding top, which he himself had expanded,  and continued to   ‘perfectionalise’ in recent years . He has a special relationship with his vehicle because he has promised her (Rosi, the Defender) that they would do the five-month Mongolia trip together. Not with  ‘MANni’, his new Tonka Truck , their new vehicle. Food for psychologists you might say…..

Heike was the “Tyre Queen for heavy vehicles and well-known in the ’tyre world’.  “I’m always cheerful but have also been clear and have ‘installed tyres’ in every option… !” Well, at least she doesn’t get ’tired’ quickly. Travelling is her passion and following her busy job as an entrepreneur,  she has found peace as an artist, stone carving in the Eifel.


The vehicle underwent a metamorphosis, had to look like a rust bucket. Well, that certainly worked!  Tonka-‘MANni’  was professionally   wrapped and lavishly covered in rust spots. “We didn’t want a ‘Box-on-wheels look’: we wanted to distinguish ourselves and arouse curiosity, without giving the impression of being snobbish…” Well, Heike and Tjibbe, you have done an excellent job!


In a year or so  we’ll be off on the route that has captured the hearts of many an Overlander: the trip from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego. Four years, or perhaps even longer, have been allowed for this! “But first take part in the  Breslau rally, going along for the ride with a recently purchased  30-year-old Land Cruiser. I would’t risk my new Tonka in this, of course……,” whispers Tjibbe.


“A few key words with regard to your experience with Twiga?”
“Reliable, professional, no nonsense but straight to the point. But above all… honest.”
What more could Twiga want. But when we said our goodbyes there was one small request: “Could you please apply a not too modest Twiga sticker to the vehicle? That’s because we’re proud of having worked together with you…..” And so it was done.

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