The decision has been made

You want a expedition vehicle But where do you start? What approach should you take? Who can support you in these kinds of decisions?

Purchasing mediation is one of the services that Twiga Travelcars provides. First we discuss your travel plans, the comfort level desired and of course the budget. Twiga then begins its search, comes up with a few proposals and presents them to you.

We then go together to see if you like the basic vehicle (sometimes only a cabin and chassis) or the complete travel car in terms of practicalities. Twiga then carries out a technical inspection. This involves a thorough assessment of all technical aspects of the vehicle. A report is made on the findings, including recommendations.

If the decision to go ahead is made, Twiga already has a good picture of the expedition vehicle. An excellent starting point for any modifications. If you decide that Twiga should carry out the modifications (based on a written quotation, of course), the purchase mediation costs are waived. If there are no follow-up activities for Twiga, you pay the one-off costs, which depend on the travel distance.

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