Exterior: Our renowned aluminium frame, 60 mm panels for the highest level of insulation, 4-point suspended subframe.

Interior: Spacious seating area and kitchen with a large 130-litre fridge-freezer combination, two lengthwise beds, separated by a beautiful staircase used as storage space. Seating area can be converted into an extra bed. Spacious and luxurious shower cubicle at front with cassette toilet.

AGM battery system, 24V - 440Ah, powered by 4 solar panels of 210 watts each, ring heating with heated air and a 24-litre boiler which is electrically heated. Air conditioning is also an indispensable feature of this living unit.

Finally, a smart 270-degree awning at the rear of the living unit, mounted on the custom-made spare wheel carrier.

Building method

We use an aluminium bodywork to build even the largest living units. This keeps the weight low. Thanks to a steel subframe that is attached to the chassis at four points, this construction is guaranteed to be torsion-resistant up to a height difference of 70 cm.


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