For this vehicle we chose a compact construction, a fixed bed and all the modern conveniences. Luxury Corian worktop. Electrical system, AGM batteries, solar energy system, electric hook-up cable, 220 V converter. Water installation with a complete set of filters, including UV; 250 litres of fresh water, large 16-litre boiler, water pump. Gas cooker. Sizeable 4 kW air heater with ring heating element. Dimmable LED lighting in the living unit. Complete with cool-looking tyre holder and roof rack, extra large wheels and plenty of storage lockers so that even the smallest space can be used for luggage.

Building method

We use an aluminium bodywork to build even the largest living units. This keeps the weight low. Thanks to a steel subframe that is attached to the chassis at four points, this construction is guaranteed to be torsion-resistant up to a height difference of 70 cm.


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