Exterior: It goes without saying that this Mercedes features our aluminium frame, now world-renowned, and the thick 60 mm panels for the highest level of insulation. Our own design, the 4-point suspended subframe. You'll be pleased to see that Twiga also thoroughly optimised the exterior: tyre holder | leaf springs replaced | shock absorbers replaced | new water tanks | new diesel tanks | drive plates | extensive gas alarm.

Interior:A true palace for two kids, each with their own (closable) bunk bed. A comfortable electric bed for mum and dad above the dining area. This can be lowered for sleeping and raised while eating. This compact vehicle utilised virtually every cm with its smart design.

Building method

We also use an aluminium cage construction to build even the biggest living units. This keeps the weight low. A steel sub-frame is used to ensure that no torsion occurs on the living unit.

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