For this project, we used our 30 mm honeycomb panels, which were specially developed by Twiga and are extremely light. Even in case of a minor collision with branches, the material will bend slightly and any damage will hardly be visible.

Four electric cylinders raise the roof at the four corners and there are plenty of windows all around. The client opted for a 600 mm entrance door on the side with folding steps below.Weights of certain items: empty bay: 200 kg. Including furnishings and installations: 450 kg.

Professional Victron electrical installation with Yellowtop batteries and a charger from 90V to 240V, two solar panels. 100 litre water tank and a 15 litre boiler.
External connections for gas | water | electricity. Rear rack with storage box and spare wheel.

Building method

With its aluminium cage and lightweight panels, we were able to keep the living unit below 3500 kg in weight. And by also opting for an aluminium sub-frame, this living unit can be driven with only a B driver's licence.

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