Completed: 2016


This unique vehicle, the second that we supplied to a client from Mauritania, is very special. At the start of its construction, it was mentioned that this vehicle would rarely be driven on asphalt and that it would have to function in the desert for lengthy periods of time!

We also make use of our aluminium frame in these harsh conditions. There is no stronger frame, after all! Because of the extreme temperatures, we did not have to use thicker panels than our regular ones, as the 60 mm panels already provide the best insulation.

This rugged desert vehicle has a steel subframe with the four-point suspension, which means that one wheel can be up to 70 cm higher without torsion occurring. We opt for Outbound for the best quality of windows.

A complete interior has been incorporated, a large sanitary space and a PVC floor.

The AGM battery system collects energy from the many solar panels on the roof. And if that’s not enough, the generator kicks in. The electrical installation 220V, 24V and 12V with numerous connections, also to external power sources.
Cooking is done on gas and in order to stay in the desert for extremely long periods of time, we constructed a customised water tank that holds no less than 1000 litres of water. We supplied a quad holder on the back for surveying the surroundings.
Rugged storage lockers all around, a customised roof rack and, of course, the vehicle and construction in a new, fresh colour. Oh yes, we also delivered the vehicle personally. From Ooij to Nouakchott (a holiday for some, but work for us…)

Building method

We use an aluminium bodywork to build even the largest living units. This keeps the weight low. A steel subframe is used which is attached to the chassis at four points.

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