Wil & Wilma

What fascinated us in the first place was the price-quality ratio.

“We are not into ticking off countries but we do like to stay in a country for longer to get to know it, to enjoy the nature, the landscape. Well… a trip around the world seems grand, we want to visit many, many countries and to take our time doing so. As long as it’s fun, we’ll keep on travelling, when it isn’t any more, we’ll decide what to do next. That could be in two years, but it could be in over ten. Only yesterday, we met a 90 year old traveller, that prospect really appeals to us.”
Talking is Wilma de Poel, trained biologist and entrepreneur who successfully sold her company to be able to take this trip.


“We met Twiga online. It was mainly their continuous presence on Facebook with honest stories that made for enjoyable reading. What fascinated us in the first place was the price-quality ratio. We visited plenty of other constructors but they were all much more expensive and the Twiga quality is truly superb! The involvement too, we start with a basic design and everything is made as we want it”. Wil Willemsen has also exchanged his top job for the trip of his dreams. “The compact family company has completely different norms and values, which genuinely appeals to us. We have been driving our vehicle for a few months now and with the group app, which we only needed twice, we immediately get a solution for our questions. They remain involved after the purchase. We never actually travel alone”.


Their MAN TGM 18-290 4×4 doesn’t have a tough appearance, but the interior is very spacious and has all the necessary luxury: Outbound windows and door, fluid heating, large boiler, a spacious kitchen with induction cooktop, and a wonderful outdoor kitchen. The beds are set up lengthwise. There is a generator, but it will not have to be used much. The vehicle is simply complete.


“The construction process went smoothly. We visited Twiga every week or fortnight, quite often according to them….. But the vehicle was completed within the time agreed. We were able to pose every question and sometimes this was countered by their technical and travel experience, and we were happy with a better alternative.”


“We booked a course at Twiga, in which the most important issues were explained such as changing wheels, understanding the electrics, fuel and air filters. For our off-road experience, we were given a tough time by Hans & Nancy Schrijen from Expedition for trucks during 17 days in Morocco. Informative, certainly to be recommended, but it was hard work! But it’s only then that you see just what the vehicle is capable of, incredible”.


“The first trip to Morocco, the second trip in August 2020 to Norway and then, depending on COVID-19 restrictions, other countries. If people would like to follow us, check out Facebook”.

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