Twiga Travelcars makes adventurous travel feasible, affordable, reliable and safe.

Our vehicles can be found in places that other vehicles cannot reach. The travel experience is therefore much more intense than in 'normal' vehicles.
We are a family business with low overheads and a long-term vision: we invest in satisfied clients (we prefer to call them friends) who are planning adventurous trips.

Of course we also prepare and repair vehicles. But with our preventive mindset, we try to stay one step ahead by avoiding the need for maintenance and repairs during the trip.
Safety is one of our highest priorities. We have ready-made solutions for this in ascending order based on the safety level.


Twiga Travelcars aims to be THE leading international brand when it comes to tailor-made expedition vehicles.

We are happy to make major or minor modifications to a travel car. We love helping stranded travellers get back on the road. But our core activity is building complete expedition vehicles based on either jeeps or trucks.

Why do we build expedition vehicles?

To make travel dreams come true. That's our job. Listening to people who want to explore Siberia in the winter. Who want to make the trip from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego. Who want to spend several years travelling in Africa. Listening to those dreams, having the opportunity to work on them and then hearing how they enjoyed their vehicle, built by us. That why we do what we do; we are part of a worry-free journey.

Do you have any questions?

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