Exterior: Sometimes, in consultation with the client, we opt for 40 mm panels. These insulation panels are 30 mm, mainly to save weight. The aluminium main frame and subframe were both developed by Twiga. We constructed a passageway from the living unit to the cabin of this very compact but off road-capable expedition vehicle.

The approved seats in the living unit are unique and were made possible by the excellent relationship Twiga has with the vehicle registration office, although the official approval remains a time-consuming job!

The hard top with tent canvas and three windows in the canvas creates plenty of headroom when standing up inside. In addition, there is no air resistance, which you would normally have when driving with a higher unit.

Building method

By using an aluminium bodywork and lightweight panels, we were able to keep this living unit under 3500 kg in weight, allowing you to take enough luggage with you. And by also opting for an aluminium sub-frame, this living unit can be driven with only a B driver's licence!

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