chassis nr

Project 39

Completed: 2017


Mercedes Benz Sprinter. Living unit with 30 mm panels, maximum 4500 mm (based on 4320 mm vehicle wheelbase)

chassis nr

Complete basic interior made of balsa wood, Lithium battery, complete gas installation, 150 litres of clean water, 130-litre refrigerator, 4kW fan heater. 3 Dometic windows, 1 door and 2 shutters.

This vehicle is equipped with a lift that swings the wheelchair from outside to inside, allowing a disabled driver to enjoy adventurous travel.


Building method

With its aluminium cage and lightweight panels, we were able to keep the living unit below 3500 kg in weight. And by also opting for an aluminium sub-frame, this living unit can be driven with only a B driver’s licence.


Permissible weight in kg
Length living unit
4.500 mm
Width living unit
2.100 mm
Indoor height
1.900 mm

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