chassis nr

Project 62

Completed: 2018


Toyota Hilux
Hilux, single cabin. Living unit with a length of 3750 mm and width of 1800 mm, including alcove. The living unit is supported by an aluminium sub-frame, which is attached on springs to the eight existing chassis points.

chassis nr

For this project, we used our 30 mm honeycomb panels, which were specially developed by Twiga and are extremely light.
Dometic – Seitz windows (800 x 400 mm) with a 1200 mm (h) by 500 mm (w) door at the rear. The elevating roof is made of tent canvas and has no less than 6 windows. It can be fully raised by means of four electrical cylinders with a huge lifting capacity.

Self-evidently, it has a lightweight interior, including a PVC floor. AGM battery, Victron electrical installation with battery charger and a sufficient amount of solar panels on the roof. 100-litre fresh water tank, water pump and filter. A powerful 15-litre water heater for instant hot water. Gas cooker including gas oven, completely built-in and tested in accordance with the appropriate standards. 2 kW heater with air heating. Functional staircase on the side. Twiga now has a wide collection of staircases of its own design.


Building method

By using an aluminium bodywork and lightweight panels, we were able to keep this living unit under 3500 kg in weight, allowing you to take enough luggage with you. The construction + interior + installation weigh no more than 450 kg. And by also opting for an aluminium sub-frame, this living unit can be driven with only a B driver’s licence!


Permissible weight in kg
Length living unit
3.750 mm
Width living unit
1.800 mm
Indoor height
1.420 mm / 1.900 mm

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