chassis nr

Project 76

Completed: 2019


MAN and Mercedes Benz are more common sights in our workshop. But let’s not disregard this lovely Scania!
With its generous length of 675 cm and width of 250 cm, this vehicle cannot be overlooked. Of course, it is fitted with our 60 mm panels.

chassis nr

The interior enjoys good natural light, with no less than 7 Outbound windows and a large sunroof. A quite large shower of 90 cm in width with a water-resistant epoxy finish.
It also has a remarkable, electrically operated lift at the rear, which has enough space for two spare tyres and a scooter. And how about the Twiga staircase with platform? This staircase can be fastened on three sides of the vehicle. Both are Twiga innovations.


Building method

We use an aluminium bodywork to build even the largest living units. This keeps the weight low. Thanks to a steel subframe that is attached to the chassis at four points, this construction is guaranteed to be torsion-resistant up to a height difference of 70 cm.


Permissible weight in kg
Length living unit
6.750 mm
Width living unit
2.500 mm
Indoor height
2.100 mm

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