Building methods

Every overland truck has to meet the wishes and requirements not only of the customer, but also those of the travel environment and terrain. Depending on these factors, Twiga Travelcars can choose from five different construction methods.


For smaller expedition vehicles, such as those based on the Toyota Land Cruiser or Land Rover, the weight of the bodywork is an extremely important item; every kilo counts. Aluminium is the material to use here. With a well-thought-out cage construction design, a light and extremely durable construction can be achieved. By making use of extremely light sheet material, we can create a superstructure for smaller vehicles weighing only 200-250 kg! This leaves plenty of capacity for luggage.

X-tra panel

These panels, developed and produced by Twiga Travelcars, have thousands of cross-connections between the inner and outer skin of the sandwich panel. This completely prevents the delamination of the sandwich panels, creating a much more resistant structure to external forces than a conventional sandwich panel. The X-tra panels are produced using the RTM vacuum technique and are therefore available in any uni RAL colour.

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